Investment opportunities

Want to invest in a Kingdom business with a heart for building the Kingdom with the perspective of being stewards of both money and souls? Join us!

Every Christian has died with Christ and has risen with Christ. The old owner has left the building, and together with Christ we have become his stewards to do the good works that God has prepared for us in advance to do (Eph 2:10). The purpose of business is to increase the value for its owners. But as Christian businessmen, we are stewards, and God is the owner, so we are to increase His eternal values. This means that we firmly believe that increasing monetary values with good stewardship can go hand in hand with building treasures in heaven - souls saved for eternity. This also means that we aim to proclaim the Gospel wherever we go - taking dominion for the Gospel and the Kingdom of God so that we can take part in saying - not only with words but also with our lives - the words from the Lord's prayer: "... on earth as it is in heaven".

If this resonnates with your values and your perspective - whether you are a full time investor or you just want to place your personal savings - let us hear from you so that you can take part when we have investment opportunities from time to time.

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