Vision: to develop web based solutions where Christians are Created, Connected and Developed

Acts 2 revisited: «Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.»

Imagine that members in your Church kept together and shared lives 7 days of the week.
Do you perceive this as unrealistic? Think again! Through social tools like Facebook, people in your community is already doing this. In several European countries, Facebook is used by more than 50% of the adult population. Online social tools is not virtual relationships - it is a strengthening of real life relationships - staying in touch - caring and sharing - every day of the week. If you want a superglue to bind your community of believers together, the solution is at hand. Cornerstone is envisioned and designed to be that social glue.

Imagine a social tool as easy to use as Facebook but with all tools needed for Church based community
Many Churches use Facebook, Hi5, Twitter, Myspace etc, and that is great. We need to be salt and light. So Cornerstone has built in connections to all of these services so that they become even more accessible to you. However, there is a need for going deeper. Not just rating and commenting one another's behaviour, but also praying for the everyday needs of others, blessing one another, and to do so in an environment that cares more about your spiritual development and your safety/privacy than a secular site would.

Imagine that it would be really easy to build a website
Cornerstone is based on the latest Web 2.0 technologies and is very easy, yet powerful to use. You can build anything from simple blog sites to advanced newspaper sites and even business applications, and of course what we love the most: Church sites that really reach out to local communities! And social features are completely integrated!

Imagine that all kinds of high quality resources was just as easily available for your Church and its website as the songs on services like iTunes
At the heart of Cornerstone is very simple syndication mechanisms. You can share custom modules, your content, website templates, graphical website themes etc. You can do so freely, or you can even offer a paid subscription to other users.

Imagine a platform that is extensible even for high demands
Cornerstone is built on a platform with open APIs for third party modules developers and with options to log in through OpenID. It is easy to extend the system - you could even build and sell your own modules to others!

Imagine a global network of millions of Christians
Cornerstone is envisioned and scaled to serve millions of Christians and tens of thousands of Churches worldwide. Already, ministries with millions of active users have signed up.

Is Cornerstone only for Churches?
We believe that the local Church is the hope of the world, and are convinced that no other organisational unit within the Church at large holds more vitality, importance or promise than the local Church. But even though we are pretty focused on the local Church, we are indeed aware of the need to stand together with and serve those who serve and partner with local Churches in establishing the Kingdom presence: ministries, denominations, missions, businesses, artists/musicians, and we have lots of solutions for these organisations. And if you wondered: it is optional to show on your website that you are part of the Cornerstone network. Do what comes natural to your organisation and choose pure private labelling if necessary.

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